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DeLaporte Biweekly Brainbusters

A twice monthly brain workout provided by Escape My Room



The Smuggler's Shenanigans

When Prohibition took hold New Orleans didn't change much.  In fact, by early 1920 it was said that over 10,000 people had already broken the new laws.  The DeLaporte Family was a big contributor to that number.  Learn about the rumrunners, smugglers and their adversaries in our newest game for your chance to win a private game for you and up to 5 friends in the Smuggler's Den, as well as your chance to grace the Brainbuster Hall of Fame!  

The winner will be chosen December 16, 2019


The Distracted Detective

It's your first day working for a real life detective agency, Crescent City Cases, but things are off to a rocky start.  Can you figure out your way in and get started on your first investigation? Everyone who completes this puzzle gets a sneak peak at a new DeLaporte family mystery and a discount code to come play, but only one lucky winner will get the top secret grand prize!

The Crescent Communicator

This just in! A number of strange happenings are reported across New Orleans, See if you can uncover some of the mysterious goings-on in the Crescent Communicator and earn your spot on the Bi-Weekly Brainbuster's wall of fame! Click the image above to get started!

The Arcane Application

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 4.46.28 PM.png

Do you have what it takes to join the secretive and exclusive Saintsbone Society?  Try your hand at their application, and you'll have a chance to win 6 tickets for the Saintsbone Immersive Theater Experience happening this fall! 

H.A.R.T. needs your Help!

The H.A.R.T. agency is looking for some new recruits! Can you stop the evil DREX Corp from making another species go extinct? 

The Bizarre Book

When a rare book dealer comes across a book they can not explain the origins of they put it to you, their most brilliant brain busting buddy to see if you can uncover some of the mysteries the book holds.  Can you figure out this book of secrets?

The Illogical Lawyer

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 9.48.33 AM.png

Moe Fantomes, estate lawyer of the reclusive Winifred DeLaporte has some secrets to be discovered on his website. The challenge may be over, but you can still play! Click the image 

above to get started. 

Dog Days of Summer

The DeLaportes have always been great fans of dogs but they need your help to find the truth about their most precious pup! Click the image above to play through our very first Brain Buster challenge


Check out our DeLaporte Brainbuster challenge winners of days gone by!

At the end of every challenge, one completer is awarded a DeLaporte Prize pack and the honor of their face immortalized in the Hall of Fame, both online and in the DeLaporte Family Home!

Can you get your face framed by glory? 

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