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Where in the World is Ellie DeLaporte?

Where in the world is Ellie DeLaporte fi

We here at the DeLaporte Mansion know how much everyone is longing to get away, which reminded us of one of the many times Ellie DeLaporte ran away. 


Can you figure out where she went? Follow the clues, solve the puzzles and find Ellie for your chance to win a DeLaporte surprise! 


If you haven't already checked out our archives there are 14 archived games for you to play through! Also, Keep an eye on our social media pages for some exciting updates to come!


We know times are tight right now, but if you are feeling generous, we have begun taking donations.


With both Escape My Room and Escape Extinction temporarily closed to slow the progress of Coronavirus through the city of New Orleans, any money we raise will go towards keeping the DeLaporte Family Staff working on creating new puzzles and games for you to enjoy! "


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