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Telephone Tapes!

Phonewords are everywhere these days. We’ve all seen commercials for 1-800-STEEMER, or 1-800-FLOWERS or something like that, well one particular DeLaporte named for telephone history has a habit of turning everything into phonewords. He gave you a mix tape of phone related songs, but instead of the musician’s names he’s written these phone numbers instead.

He’s also mentioned that there is an added challenge, he’s changed the musician’s names slightly to add another phoneword message (his name!) into the list.  


For Example:

847-336 ext.623 would be translated to Threeoncé (a play on Beyoncé) so you would take the number Three from that clue.  If you get stuck, flip the tape over to get the song names!


Once you’ve figured out the musicians, take the number in the name and spell out his six letter (phone history related) name and enter it in the form below!

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