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Davey's Dilemma

​The Southern Sea Otter was thought to have been extinct until in the early 1900s when a ragtag group of scientists, calling themselves H.A.R.T. (The Human Animal Rescue Team) discovered and protected a small surviving group of approximately 50 animals off the Big Sur coastline. 

Many of the otters from that initial group joined the H.A.R.T organization, vowing to assist in the de-extinction of any animal in trouble. One of the brightest of the Otters, Dave, rose through the ranks quickly and became Captain of his own vessel before his 10th birthday. From then on, his male descendants have followed his footsteps and become Captain Daves within the organization. 

The original Captain Dave's  great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great granddaughter Davey, is currently a Captain within H.A.R.T.’s Aquatic Division, and she needs your help staying that way. She’s something of a troublemaker, and tends to do things her own way, much to the chagrin of Chief Onjubo, her commanding officer. If she doesn’t straighten up her act she’ll be the last in the line of Captain Daves. 

You’ve been assigned to keep her on track. And your first mission is to make sure she’s not being too snarky with the chief in their communications.  She’s got a habit of sprinkling her communications with spelling mistakes and fishy puns. Take a look at this letter and see if you can spot any issues. Enter your finding at the end of (all lowercase, no spaces) to continue.

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