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Cecilia Gutenburg


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Until the 7th of july in 2003, cecilia gutenburg was believed to be immortal.  She was born cecilia adams on january 3rd, 1908, and lived almost 100 years in her beloved city of new orleans.


Eagerly still working up for the new orleans library until her death, she has been recognized for decades as the welcoming face to the literary world.  Her smile radiated through her, and warmed even the coldest of hearts. Even those who worried that she was too old to still be working, could not argue her positive influence on the library system.  Reading was one of her principal joys in life. Preferring to read the classic authors while the world changed around her. Often carrying a copy of mark twain’s the $30,000 bequest and other stories, she was especially fond of the essay “post-mortem poetry.” Ever prepared, she wrote the following in preparation for her eventual death.


"on the day of her sunrise and of her set sun

she loved a poem for the years

a line for the months

and a word for the days

do not shed your tears

there is work to be done

mark twain would know what to say"

Marred by tragedy, her life took a turn at 11 years old when her parents were both killed by the axeman of new orleans, a still unidentified serial killer who frightened the city’s residents between 1918 and 1919.  Through this tragedy she was taken in to the home of the delaporte family, neighbors and distant relatives. Odette delaporte, was one of her best friends throughout her adulthood. Following in the tradition of the family, she was given an impressive education.


In the summer of 1929, cecilia married john gutenburg in a small ceremony in the delaporte home.  Nearly a decade after their marriage they welcomed their first child, a boy, followed the next year by the arrival of their daughter.  Death was not far behind though, neither child made it to adulthood, and her beloved husband mysteriously vanished in 1960. Nobody can deny the power of this woman who continued living 43 years without the rest of her family.


Assembling for visitation friday at 6pm.

Mass to be held saturday at 9 am, second line to follow.

Everyone is welcome to celebrate the life of this amazing woman.




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