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The Saintsbone Society was comprised of practicioners of 5 types of magic.  However since the death of it’s last remaining member, the specifics of who practiced which magic, the colors that represented each, and the death dates of those involved are all a bit of a mystery.  Can you deduce the answers based on the small bits of information we have been able to gather?

Blank saintsbone logic grid bb.jpg

- Henri did not make it to the 21st Century, But Cecelia did.

- The Fetillerist did not wear blue or red and the Scientist did not wear purple or black


- Alchemy survived the longest and Sciencia survived longer than Voodoo. - Cecelia was known to wear red, but she was not a Sealorist.


- The one who wore purple died in 1987 but was not Winifred or   Sammy and did not practice Sealore.


- The one who died first wore blue and was not Sammy or Simon.


- Gold was used to symbolize Alchemy.


- Winifred was not a Voodooist or Sealorist and did not wear blue. 


- Sammy was a Fetillerist and survived longer than Cecilia

Once your grid is complete, refer to the image below for your next step.

Letter saintsbone logic grid bb.jpg

To continue add the word you get from the puzzle above the form below!

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