Biweekly Brainbuster


What is this?

The DeLaporte Bi-Weekly Brainbusters are mini puzzle games that are released every two weeks!

When are new games published?

New games are typically published on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.

How do I start?

There are multiple ways you can start your game!  You could stumble upon our social media posts on Facebook and/or Instagram, check the homepage every 1st and 3rd Wednesday, or subscribe to the mailing list to get the first puzzle sent directly to your email as soon as the game is published!

What do I do then?

There are typically 4 puzzles per game, though some can be much longer.  Each puzzle will lead to the next until you reach the “Congratulations!” Page. 

Can I play these games on my phone?

If your phone has web browsing capabilities you will be able to play every game on your phone.  With that being said, we recommend you use a computer instead as the puzzles are optimized for that view, and some things may be hard to notice/read on your phone screen. Most puzzles will have a printable pdf option available, which may be easier to navigate than the full website view.

Do I need to print anything?

You should never NEED to print anything, though some puzzles are definitely easier to deal with in printed form.  

What kind of puzzles will I encounter

The puzzles within these games are what we would describe as Escape Room Style puzzles.  These types of puzzles include pattern recognition, organization, ciphers and codes, narrative clues, puns, word games etc.  You may also find various classic style puzzles such as crosswords, logic grids, sudoku, nonograms, word ladders, mazes, seating chart logic puzzles, etc.  When these classic puzzle types are present within a game, it is probably somewhat obscured by the graphics/story, or could have an additional step that makes it unique to the game, be sure to read the instructions for each puzzle carefully so you don’t miss something there is almost always a hint for what you’re looking for within the flavor text at the start of each puzzle.  

How do I win prizes

To be entered to win a prize you must complete the current game and submit the “Enter to Win” form.  One submitter is chosen at random to receive the prize unless otherwise stated in that particular game’s rules.  Each submitter is only eligible for one entry, regardless of how many times they submit the “Enter to Win” form unless otherwise stated.  

How do I play MORE?!?

Check out our archive page for all the previous games! The prize period may be over, but the fun is still going! 

Can you too achieve greatness?

Click the winners to play the game they beat or 

Click here to play our Current Challenge 

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