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Human Animal Rescue Team

The Human Animal Rescue Team, or H.A.R.T., celebrated its 101st anniversary this week, representing a century of cooperation and camaraderie in the name of protecting vulnerable species from extinction. Originally founded in 1918, HART began as a program concocted by a team of passionate scientists, driven to save the last few remaining Southern Sea Otters. The otter species, once believed to be fully extinct, was nurtured by these scientists from the brink of destruction. Over the years, the organization grew from the small band of founding scientists into a committed alliance between concerned humans and representatives of other species, teaming up and working together to save endangered species before it’s too late.

Representing the once-imperiled otter species that was the organization’s founding focus, Southern Sea Otter and HART member Captain Davie had this to say: “Despite the villainous efforts of the DREX Corporation, and the carelessness and cruelty of so many others, the HART team has saved countless species, including my own, from being lost forever. We’re always looking for new members, so join the best of the best-- we need your help! Here’s to another century of humans and animals working together in the name of survival!

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