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Some people know that many Mardi Gras krewes are named after Greek gods, and some people know that there are a number of Greek gods that have Roman equivalents.  Your friend is someone who knows both those facts, and apparently many others.  Instead of just giving you a list of their favorite parades, they’ve given you a series of cryptic clues.  To be honest, you probably want to avoid hanging out with them in the future, but they promised you a prize if you can figure out which parades they’ll be at.  So why not take a stab at it.


Organize their list of favorites and take the specified letter to spell out their very favorite parade of all! Enter that at the end of to continue.

Krewe Credentials


- It doesn’t matter if you take the red or the blue pill, the parade named after Laurence Fishburne’s character in the Matrix is a dream.

- The parade named for the greek equivalent of this Kree geneticist from Captain Marvel is a great all-female parade!  

- Obviously you’ll find them at the parade with the same name as “an extremely handsome young man”

- The parade named for the greek equivalent for mono-nitrogen oxides is not as science-y as it seems.

- They will definitely be at the parade named after the Greek equivalent of atomic number 80

- Find them at the Greek equivalent of the part in your eye that surrounds the pupil

- This parade is out of town these days, which may be a reason for complaint (in spanish.) But it’s worth the trip!

- It’s a little out of the way, but the parade named for the Greek equivalent for the furthest (currently accepted) planet from the sun in our solar system has great throws!












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