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Mardi Gras Study Hints and Answers

Arranging Cups

Arranging the Cups Hint

There are 7 cups needed for this puzzle, one of the cups is stuck in it’s final spot. Match the shapes on the cups to the shapes pictured in each shelf space

Arranging the Cups Answer

Cup Note

Cup Note Hint

Milton is one of Mrs. DeLaporte’s favorite authors, perhaps she has one of his books, but what pages should we look for?

Cup Note Answer

Check the bookshelf for a tan book called “Paradise Lost” by John Milton, and check out page 381


Overlay Hint

Have we seen anything else that mentions “Milton” or “Paradise Lost”? Or something that is reminiscent of the cut out shapes in the paper you just found?

Overlay Answer

Find this shadow box on the wall and click it.


Shadow Box Hint 1

Put the paper we found inside Paradise Lost in front of the shadow box on the wall, what do the cut out shapes tell us?

Shadow Box Hint 2

Swap the animals in the shadow box so they are in the correct places. To swap the animals, click one and then click one of the others that is highlighted.

Shadow Box Answer

- Exit the Close up of the box and click on it again to reset the puzzle. - Move Gabriel (the flying pig) to the center spot by clicking him once. - Click the Orange Rat and swap it with the Yellow Pig - Click the Yellow Duck and swap it with the Orange Rat - Click the White Bunny and swap it with the Yellow Pig - Click the Yellow Duck and swap it with the White Bunny

Henri Note

Henri's Note Hint 1

Have you found the parade poster on the wall? What else did we find on the shelf? Take a closer look at it, what could it have to do with the poster itself?

Henri's Note Hint 2

So we found 1 perfume bottle that relates to the note we just found, perhaps we can find more. Find three perfume bottles and match them to the floats in the parade poster, try and get a 4 digit combination from this puzzle

Henri's Note Hint 3

Take a closer look at the note, is there a lock that looks like the one pictured somewhere in the room?

Henri's Note Answer

Open the desk roll top with the combination 6815

Roll Top Open

Open Roll Top Hint 1

Have you read the letter in the typewriter yet? It mentions “Getting started is the key” do we see a key somewhere nearby?

Open Roll Top Hint 2

Click the key above the typewriter to read the numbers within. Pay close attention to the lock pictured in the scene, have you seen that around anywhere?

Open Roll Top Answer

Use the combo 9922 on the lock on the top left corner of the desk.

Scarf Puzzle

Scarf Puzzle Hint

Line the three colored scarves up so that a message appears. Try placing them one at a time, starting with the blue scarf and lining it up before placing the next. Pay close attention to the lock pictured on the drawer, have you seen that lock around the room somewhere?

Scarf Puzzle Answer

Enter your final combination, 2304 into the lock on the bottom left drawer on the desk.


Dance Hint 1

In the second room, on the wall in the corner above the dance mat there is a framed set of instructions. Find the mat on the ground and follow the instructions from the dance card on the armoire door to find a 4 letter combination.

Dance Hint 2

Bring both dancers to the center of the mat, facing each other, when you do so you’ll reveal a 4 digit combination. Click the highlighted circles to move the corresponding dancer to the available position, pay close attention to the subtle arrows on the dance mat circles, they can help you plan your moves!

Dance Answer

Use the combination from the dance mat on the wall mounted lockbox with the picture of dancers on it.


Map Hint 1

Find the 4 black drawers which have map pieces on the bottom of them, and bring them to the large center drawer in the dresser to arrange them.

Map Hint 2

Click the map piece you would like to move in the inventory, and then click the spot you’d like to place it. Once in place you can click the map piece again to rotate it. If you are not able to remove or rotate your map piece, you probably have it in the correct spot! Once all 4 map pieces are in the correct location and orientation, the compass at the bottom left side will turn from black to gold. Click it to unlock another drawer!

Map Answer

Map Part 2

Map Part 2 Hint

Open the newly unlocked bottom drawer, inside you’ll find a map and a letter detailing someone’s movements, follow the letter’s directions to find a three letter combination.

Map Part 2 Answer

Once you have your three letter combination (EHG), enter it into the wall mounted lockbox with the image of a map on it.

El Mejor Letter

El Mejor Hint 1

Pay close attention to the words in all caps in that letter we just received. What could they be spelling out for us?

El Mejor Answer

Take the number of letters from the colors Blue (4) Purple (6) and Black (5) and enter it into the top white box.

El Mejor Hint 2

Each color has a number associated with it. What does Red have to do with the number 3 and Orange have to do with the number 6?

El Mejor Hint 3

The words in all caps in the letter are spelling out three colors, Blue, Purple and Black.

White Box 1

White Box 1 Hint 1

This box contains two puzzles. One that will help you open the next white box, and another which will give you one number for the combination for the final chest. We’d recommend focusing on getting into the next box for now. Take a closer look at the picture of baby Ellie, there is a message at the top which might be helpful.

White Box 1 Hint 2

Arranging the blocks to spell out Ellie doesn’t help us, but perhaps flipping them over so we can see them from her perspective will.

White Box 1 Answer

Enter the combination RVYVR into the next white box’s lock

White Box 2

White Box 2 Hint 1

This box contains two puzzles. One that will help you open the next white box, and another which will give you one number for the combination for the final chest. We’d recommend focusing on getting into the next box for now. Read the PS on the postcard. Do you recall seeing “KV___” anywhere else, maybe early on?

White Box 2 Hint 2

Revisit the first room and see if you can find the item with “KV___” written on it. Try exploring the stacked box under the clock in the first room.

White Box 2 Answer

Enter the combo 320 into the next white box’s lock.

White Box 3

White Box 3 Hint 1

From each of the white boxes you have gained a puzzle you did not use to open the next white box. Now it’s time to solve these three puzzles. Each of them will give you a number for the combination lock on the chest. Let’s review which puzzles you got from which boxes.From the first white box you got a menu, have you checked the back of the menu? From the second box you got two dream catchers and a postcard. From the bottom box you got a hanky and a letter, have you checked the back of that letter?

Chest Combination

Chest Combination Hint

Before you can open the chest inside the right cabinet door in the second room you'll need three numbers, one from each white box. When you have those three numbers, enter them by clicking on the lock on the chest, then entering the numbers all together, without any spaces or dashes. (i.e. if you got 22, 18, and 91 you would enter 221891)

Chest Combination Answer

Enter the combination 381610 into the chest combination input area.

Animal Masks

Animal Mask Hint

Place the animal mask pieces on their corresponding squares by clicking the mask at the bottom and then clicking the spot you’d like it to go to. Some masks have 2 pieces, some have 3 pieces. Once you have all the pieces in the correct spots you’ll have spelled out a message.

Animal Mask Answers

Enter the address onto the envelope to send Mrs. DeLaporte’s letter to her daughter!


Poster Puzzle Hint 1

Have we seen any other posters around the room that are similar to the two in the drawer? Have we seen any locks protected by those SHAPES/ANIMALS/COLORS

Poster Puzzle Hint 2

Which numbers correspond with the Oval Purple Alligator on the armoire door lock, and which order do the numbers go? Each poster is marked with a star in a specific position in a three digit code.

Poster Puzzle Answer

Use combo 817 on the armoire lock.


Menu Hint

For the menu, take the underlined letters to spell out a message.

Menu Answer

The message spells out “To open the chest, three turns right, stop at 38.”


Dreamcatcher Hint

For the dreamcatcher puzzle, open both of the dream catchers from your inventory and use them as a cipherwheel to decrypt the ciphertext on the postcard.

Dreamcatcher Answer

This message spells out “SIXTEEN”


Hanky Hint

For the hanky puzzle, open both the hanky and the letter. Click the letter again so you are looking at the backside with an alligator on it. Use the hanky like a graph and jot down the letters that the dots correspond with in order from left to right.

Hanky Answer

This message spells out “Turn right and stop at ten”