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Language of Flowers

The flower delivery truck took too hard a turn and toppled its deliveries to the floor.  Can you help put them back together? 

Use the language of flowers sheet and the clues below to figure out which two plants go to whom.  

Then take the letters from the correct bouquets on the Bouquet Combinations list in the order of names in the "To:" column to spell out your answer. 

Language of flowers.png


  • The card to Henry says "I am extremely thankful for the large amount of money you bestowed upon me.

  • The bouquets for Cynthia and Marge both had at least white flower, but Cynthia's other plant was flowerless. 

  • The card to Tom is signed "Love" and is covered in about 1 million tiny hearts

  • The flowers that mean Contentment and Solitude were together, but I can't remember who they were for!

  • Both of the flowers in Tom's bouquet were the same color.

bouquet combinations.png
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