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Home For the Holidays

Everyone is coming home for the holidays! The DeLaporte family is very excited, but a bit stressed about finding rooms for everyone in the DeLaporte mansion.  Can you help assign the beds so that everyone is happy?


- James is very worried about the neighborhood and would prefer a room where he can watch his motorcycle on the street.

- Olivia and Debbie, the twins need to be together, and no one else would want to room with them. Remember, Debbie is Olivia’s right hand gal.

- Theresa needs her own room connected to the room for her three kids Lionel, Zelda and Oscar (born in alphabetical order.)  Theresa is a bit over protective and needs the youngest to be closest to her, her middle child next and then the oldest (and most annoying) as far from her as possible.

- Soloman MUST be roomed alone. No one likes him, and he doesn’t like anyone.

Jerry is a morning person and loves to wake up to the sunrise.

- Bob is a big guy, and is bringing his bed-sleeping St. Bernard who appreciates being able to watch squirrels climb trees out the window.

- Julien has a habit of rolling out of bed, but only off the right side. He’ll need a bed up against the wall.

- Thomas would like a view of the courtyard from his window, and is a loud snorer, he should be roomed alone.

- Jay requests a shared room, but he refuses to room with anyone who shares a "J" initial.

- Irene doesn’t care where she is sleeping. Thank Goodness for Irene.

When you're done arranging, take the first letter of the name for each of the beds marked and enter it at the end of

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