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A 6 month long puzzling adventure created by Escape My Room

Crescent City Cases, the private investigation firm kept on retainer by the DeLaporte family is looking for a new intern to go through some of the cold cases from the DeLaporte family vault.  There is something about these 6 cases that seem to tie them together, but you'll need to do some solving to figure it out.

6 mysteries, released once a month, each with their own prize for one lucky solver, and one grand prize for solver of them all!

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  • Amnesiac Aviatrix

    The brief disappearance of America's sweetheart of the air.

The Cases So far


Available Anytime!

The Amnesiac Aviatrix

When famed magician Bertram DeLaporte's assistants began disappearing, many believed the DeLaporte Brothers and their unusual inventions were to blame.  

Bertram was put on trial and stunned the courtroom by disappearing himself. 

When his chambers were examined, only a coded journal and a few blueprints remain.  

Explore the clues and see if you can determine the truth to the magic!


Available March 1, 2020

The Amnesiac Aviatrix

The world was in shock when Odette DeLaporte's 1935 attempt to fly around the world ended in her disappearance.  But more shock followed when Odette resurfaced 2 weeks later without her co-pilot and suffering from an extreme case of amnesia. 

Despite never determining what really happened on that fateful flight, the press blamed Odette for the entire ordeal.

Can you help the DeLaporte family clear her name?


Available April 1, 2020

Episode 3 - Coming Soon!

Episode 3 is coming soon! 

What do the DeLaportes have in store for you? Take a peak at the synopses of the released and upcoming mysteries, new cases will be added once a month for 6 months!