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Secret Gift Exchange

Some of the grown up DeLaportes have a secret gift exchange every year.  The Aunts (Carole, Grace and Jane) and Uncles (Don and Ralph) each bring one gift for another person in the group and no one buys a gift for the person that bought a gift for them.  The kids of the family see this exchange as a mystery to be solved.


  Can you help the kids to figure out which gift came from each grown up, who it was to and how it was wrapped? Maybe it’ll give them a clue as to what the kids will be getting!

Gift Exchange logic grid.jpg


- “Gracie would never have gotten that gift for Jane, who would get a deaf woman a record?”  


- One of the aunts got the trumpet for one of the uncles and it wasn’t wrapped in plain colored paper.    


- “I saw Gracie leaving the red papered gift under the tree, and it wasn’t a book or trumpet”             


 - One of the aunts unwrapped the babydoll in the blue paper and thanked another aunt, but I didn’t see which ones.              


- The yellow papered gift said “To: Carole, From: Don” on it.  I couldn’t tell what it was, but it wasn’t the family portrait.  

- The book and the babydoll were both already opened when Jane opened the gift bag.  

- Carole didn’t get the gift for Ralph, but the person she gave a gift to did.  

- Neither of the uncles bought gifts for each other. 

gift bag answers.jpg

When you've figured out who gave what, to who, apply to the image above to get your 10 letter answer and enter it in the form below!

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