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Great work finding Ellie's next stop! We've got multiple people on the ground in different Turkish tourist destinations. We have reason to believe Ellie could have changed her hair color, but all of our watchers have seen women who match Ellie's description.  See if you can figure which lady is which, and most importantly, which lady is Ellie. 

When you've figured it out, enter the suitcase color at the end of (all lowercase, no spaces) and enter the name of the city as your password (all caps, no spaces.)

Where in the world is Ellie DeLaporte lo


  • The report in Ankara saw a woman with a red suitcase, she did not have a shaved head or blonde hair, but they couldn’t narrow down the hair color beyond that.

  • The brunette woman had a green suitcase.

  • The redhead was not in Istanbul, Adana or Mersin, and the lady in Mersin did not have a green, or yellow suitcase. The lady in Adana had a blue suitcase.

  • None of the ladies’ suitcases matched their hair, and the black suitcase was not carried by a blonde

  • Ellie would never dye her hair black or blonde, she's already been to Istanbul, and probably wouldn't go again, and the DeLaporte house is not missing a  black or blue suitcase.

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