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Mrs. DeLaporte wrote her friend a letter, but in an effort to keep things light she changed some of the more common coronavirus words/phrases to anagrams.

Figure out what she is saying, and your answers below!

Mrs. DeLaporte corona letter.jpg


Enter the correct words or phrases below each coded section and take the specified letters from each for your final answer. 

our vocal environs.png
homework form.png
medic pie.png
NEW Bless it uneasiness.png
maiden nostril sports.png
after lunch vignette.png
bit nose aid.png
poetic rabid union.png
stray compendium.png
in topaz tree.png
dress up reaper.png
aqua intern.png
no tag coin.png
vice can.png

Once you have found your 14 letter answer, enter it at the end of (all lowercase, no spaces) to continue.

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