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Scientist scramble


DeLaporte twins Bonnie and Mal are as opposite as two people with identical DNA, and though it might be for different reasons, they both appreciate the Eiffel Tower.  Bonnie appreciates the aesthetics of the tower, while Mal appreciates the 72 names embossed on it, honoring French scientists, mathematicians and engineers.   

Together they realized the names also provided a pretty handy way of identifying which side of the tower they are looking at.

From their combined vantage, you can determine where each name is located on the tower, but in true DeLaporte fashion, their information is a bit scrambled.  

Can you figure out which of the names belong on which sides of the tower based on Bonnie and Mal’s comments?








Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 10.32.09


- Mal calls the Southwest side "UNTRIM" while Bonnie says it "JAMS".

- The Southwest corner was described by Mal as "CRUSTY" but Bonnie liked it "MUCHA".

- Bonnie thinks the East side could be described as "PETITE" but Mal says anyone who likes it is a "GNOME".

- The Northwest side appears "CHEAP" to Mal, but "SALUTING" to Bonnie.

- Bonnie calls the North corner "GENIAL" and surprisingly, Mal concedes that it is a bit a"MUSE"ing.

When you have all the names in their proper places, take the specified letters from each position in order to spell out how those honored by their name on the tower must have felt and enter it in the form below!

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